...are always very much appreciated

and they won't go unnoticed I promise.

I accept cash and all major credit cards.

If using a credit card, let me know
in advance so the details can be worked out.

If paying in cash, donations are to be made first at the start of our meeting. 
This is a silent transaction.

If we meet in private:

Please have my donation ready for me setting out in an envelope clearly visible on the bathroom counter prior to my arrival 
or hand it to me discreetly within the first few minutes of our meeting so we can be at ease and start enjoying each others company. 

If we meet in public: 

Please place my donation in a card or gift bag.

I will be looking at your passport or drivers license to verify your name on my contact form.

Be a Gentleman and don't mention my donations at all, because it ruins the mood. 

​As you would like to extend our time please have my donation ready before we extend.​​

After confirming a date for a specific time with you, I do no longer accept OTHER bookings for that specific date and time.

I have a busy life and a career just like you do.  It takes time for me to prepare for a date, handle logistics in my private life and arrive ready to exceed your expectations. I understand that sometimes things come up and I am confident you are a gentleman and will do your part to offset the loss of my other bookings. I greatly value your time and ask that you value my time as well. The following cancellation policy will apply:

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations within 48hrs of our scheduled & confirmed engagement will require a 50% fee of the time set aside for you & cancellations within 24hrs will require 75% of the fee.

Any first time clients that cancel with no retained deposit will be blacklisted on public provider databases.

By contacting me you agree to not only respect my time and business but to adhere to my cancellation policy.

I offer Luxury companionship to Elite gentleman with proper screening. I'm able to accompany you to the formal event, be your discreet friend on your business trip or partner on exotic holidays.

Please understand that I am only interested in meeting with gentlemen who want to connect with me beyond the superficial. ​I offer a uniquely personal connection that is rare and more meaningful than to which you may be accustomed. 

I want to satisfy you mentally and physically and ensure our time together will be sublime. I will bring you a treasure of the perfect girlfriend without the hassle of a traditional relationship and will make you forget the world around and help you live in the moment.

Your secrets are always safe with me and I will ensure you have confidence in realizing a safe return to your daily life.​​

Thank you for understanding that I may not be able to see you without at least 6 hours advanced notice. To avoid disappointment, pre-booking an appointment in advance and providing the proper verification will ensure my security and our compatibility.

​I prefer to see those who seek and appreciate quality.  In order to establish a genuine connection, longer dates are always preferred.  For new friends, my preference is 2 hours and longer.

Book me through P411 and receive a 10% discount 

Preferred411 Members Welcome! 

I love to travel. Please feel free to inquire about my traveling to/with you.​ I am passport ready.

If you do not feel comfortable booking directly through me on arranging a "Fly Me In" to you, I also have a professional booking agent that works for me and other selective super elite / high-end luxury companions and would be more than happy to accommodate you.  I can give you their phone number to speak with them OR their email and other pertinent info if you wish to pursue that route - just Email me to request it. 

​As a modern companion my time does require compensation.
Both of us understand this and know that compensation is for my companionship, modeling, time, travel and maintenance of my appearance alone, not for any specific activities. ​​

Last but not least and most importantly:

.Have Fun!! Relax and enjoy yourself!!

European Elite Companion

Serina Sander